Irreplaceable, Hands-On Learning

On July 19th at MCC is bringing the Tire Rack Street Survival driving course to the Rochester NY area as part of our Safe Teen Driver Day. SIGN UP for Street Survival or use the form below to request details about the program. Please note we only have 25 spots for this event.

Sign Up for Tire Rack Street SurvivalIf you would like to email us click here.

Logo-square_streetsurvivalComplement safe driving education materials with an invaluable, hands-on, real-world driving course that gives young drivers the dynamic experience of handling their own vehicle in adverse driving conditions. . Trained and qualified in-car driving instructors as well as classroom experience for each student ensure participants complete the course as safer, smarter drivers.

Students will learn how to handle adverse situations and how to avoid accidents, mastering the application of physics to drive their cars, Additionally, they will learn to be more observant of traffic and driver actions around and ahead of them. The hands-on exercises are followed by a short classroom session and graduates finish the experience with improved skills and greater driving confidence.