Stop Cell Phone Distractions

One ProtectTexting while driving is 300% more dangerous than drunk driving (source: 10n2 Technologies). We’ve all experienced concern while sharing the road with a distracted driver who is focused on their cell phone, not their driving.

OneProtect™ smartphone app is a consumer smartphone management software provided by 10n2 Technologies that specifically addresses the dangers associated with distracted driving by teens or any loved ones. Through a web-based portal, administrators/parents can remotely manage their teen’s smartphones to implement various safe-driving policies.

Through OneProtect™ smartphone app, parents can prevent their teen from texting, emailing and browsing while driving, and activate the software during certain times of the day. OneProtect™ can distinguish between driver and passenger, and always allows access to emergency numbers.

To learn more, please call (585) 388-8001 or email. Families participating in our Insurance Protection Program have access to a special partner discount for OneProtect™. Inquire today!