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As a father, I share every parent’s concern and focus on the safety and well-being of my children; and when they’re of driving age, this concern deepens. Automobile accidents are the leading cause for death amongst teens, but they can be easily avoided. I founded TeensDrivingSmart.com to provide families with a valuable resource for safe driving information, guidelines, and tools so teens could become safe drivers and accidents would be prevented.

It’s Simple: Teaching and Practice

Safe driving is more than knowledge of road rules and the use of turn signals that teens learn in driver education classes. It is also about driving without distractions or impairment. Parents need to lead this conversation, stay involved, and be good role models. In addition to the dangers of cell phone use, teens need to be aware of other unsafe habits like eating, using iPods, reading directions, blasting music, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, focusing too much on conversation, or nodding asleep.

Surveys of teens and parents have shown that most parents think their teens are better drivers than they really are. Our slogan for parents and teens is: Stop Preaching. Start Teaching. Every teen, and most every adult, needs constant reminders about safe driving and they need to practice it.

A Benefit Greater Than Insurance Discounts

Parents are shocked by the cost of adding their teen to their auto insurance policy. It’s expensive because the probability of accidents during a teen’s first year of driving is very high, and insurance companies pass along this cost. We make parents aware of every discount that might be available to them, including their use of our partner products like teenSMART. But, our resources provide a benefit greater than discounts. For example, teenSMART requires teen and parent involvement, and has been proven to reduce teen accidents by 30%. We offer many other tools to help families reduce accidents for their new drivers, and while they do not all result in an insurance discount, they do result in safety, and this is the most critical focus for any teen driver.

Explore TeensDrivingSmart.com

Please explore our website, www.TeensDrivingSafe.com, to discover its many valuable tools, guidelines, tips, and safety products for families. There are many fun and educational quizzes to play and videos to watch. And, we offer a host of proven products and services to enhance teen education and improve their safety.

We hope TeensDrivingSmart.com helps your family through the adventure of ahead of you – making your teen a safe and responsible driver for many years to come.

Jim Diem

The Alliance Group of Western New York, LLC